What type of music do you play?

We send you a link to submit your requested songs and we set up a meeting to discuss what kind of music you would like at your wedding. Clients are also welcome to create a Spotify playlist and share it with the DJ.

How much experience does you DJ's have?

5 years of experience.

Are we able to extend the DJ after 00:00h

Yes @ R2000 per hour.

Can you provide music during the ceremony?

Yes we do provide music for ceremonies.

Where should we arrange setup space for the DJ?

As close to the dancefloor as possible, with a power point in the near vicinity. Also a table and table and tablecloth need to be provided.

If the venue is very far from Cape Town, how do traveling costs work?

Travelling costs of R9/km will be charged to and from the venue.

Where are you located?

Somerset West, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Can we plug into your system for our slide show or live musicians?

Yes this is part of one of out packages that are available.

Can we attend a wedding that you are playing at?

No, we respect our clients privacy when it comes to closed events such as weddings. If its an open event however then yes please do come join in on the fun!

How do the booking fees work?

To confirm your booking it will cost a R3500 deposit to secure your date and time.

How do damages work if there are any?

The client will be held liable for any damages of the equipment during the course of the event.

If the venue is very far from Cape Town, how do accommodation costs work?

Should the location be more than 120km’s from Cape Town, accommodation must be provided for the DJ

Are you available to chat?

Yes, I am available for prescheduled in call meetings.