Terms & Conditions

1: The whole amount as stated on the formal quote is payable one week before any event.

2: Reservation fee: You agree to our reservation fee which is payable in advance to secure entertainment. The reservation fee is deducted from the price quoted.

2.1: Overtime Charge: Any extension to the agreed timescale will be charged in addition to the booking fee per hour thereafter, which shall be payable in cash on the night before commencement of extended entertainment.

3: The deposit as stated on the formal quotation is NON-REFUNDABLE.

3.1: The Client shall have the right to cancel the booking by serving upon DJ Anker not less than 1 week notice in writing. In the event of the client wishing to cancel this contract agreement for any reason other than Act of God or National Disaster, any advance reservation payment will be forfeited.

3.2: A cancellation fee of 50% of the agreed amount will be refunded, if it is made up to 6 months or more prior to the function

3.3: If the whole amount is settled, and there should be a cancellation within 6 months to the function, the whole of the agreed fee will be forfeited.

4: In the unlikely event that DJ Anker is unable to attend personally due to accident or sudden illness, DJ Anker shall provide a suitable substitute offering a similar service at no additional charge to the client. This does not apply in circumstances detailed below.

4.1: DJ Anker will not be liable for failing to attend a booking, where the reason for non-attendance or late arrival is caused by adverse weather conditions (including Snow & Flooding), road closure, road traffic accident, acts of terrorism, industrial action, or other unavoidable circumstances deemed beyond our control.

5: The client will appreciate that suitable time for venue access, safe setup and dismantling and safe removal of equipment from venue is required in addition to performance time. Therefore, the client and venue will allow suitable time for the setup and dismantling and removal of DJ equipment (up to 120 minutes either way of the booking times). Where applicable, the client will also inform the venue, in advance, of DJ requirements. Please note: DJ Anker shall not be liable for any additional charges levied to the client by the venue in relation to equipment assembly / removal timescales.

6: No water guns and or any form of liquid near any of the DJ equipment (That includes all microphones).​

7: A seat and meal must be provided at the reception for the DJ (‘s – if present).

8: The client will ensure that safe and adequate power is available for the DJ ‘s performance.

9: The client agrees to provide adequate supervision of guests and will ensure that venue management adequately supervises on site premises.

10: Unwarranted abuse or threatening behaviour from the client’s guests will not be tolerated and will result in the performance being terminated with no loss to DJ Anker.

10.1: The client agrees that compensation for any damage to the DJ(s) equipment, vehicle(s) and/or personal belongings caused by the client’s guests, and or may be sought including any additional costs.

11: The client agrees that the confirmed entertainment start and finish times as specified on the e-mail with time stated by the client are accurate and correct. Any extension beyond the confirmed finish time is at the discretion of the DJ at additional charges (as stated on the formal quote).

12: DJ Anker will accept music lists and requests in advance of functions and will play a reasonable number of the clients’ chosen requests, provided such requests are submitted in writing before the event. The client also agrees that DJ Anker cannot guarantee the inclusion of any difficult to source, inappropriate music, obsolete or deleted titles either requested at the event or previously notified.

13: Where the client requests that DJ Anker set up DJ equipment at an earlier time prior to the actual start of the function, the client acknowledges that a tiered charge may be made for this additional service, and that this service will be subject to availability. In addition to any previously agreed charges, if DJ Anker should arrive at the client’s venue at any earlier, pre-arranged time, and are unable to access the venue to set up the equipment or are prevented from doing so by the venue management, DJ Anker will not be held accountable if the function starts late.

14: DJ Anker is engaged to work alongside a band (or other entertainer), it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that adequate space exists within the venue for both entertainers to set up their equipment and that separate power outlets exist.

15: Where the event is being held in a marquee, the client will ensure that the work area is dry and that a minimum of 2 power sockets are located within 15 meters of this area. Please note: Bad weather or impending bad weather on the day will not allow DJ Anker to commence entertainment outdoors under any circumstances. DJ Anker accepts no responsibility for damage to electrical equipment, if caused as a result of working in inappropriate weather conditions.

16: A traveling rate (AA rates) will apply as mentioned on the quote.